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203 South 9th Street

Rocky Ford, CO

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Phone 719-254-3322

Email Fire Chief: Ray Gonzales

The Rocky Ford Fire Department serves the City of Rocky Ford and the Rocky Ford Rural Fire District consisting of 763 square miles. The department also educates the local children about fire safety, and provides various community services.

“Service Above Self”

Mission Statement:
Rocky Ford Fire and EMS will provide the best public service utilizing expertise, innovation, and latest technology to enhance safety, care and welfare of our community.
To provide the community and those we serve with the best Fire Prevention, Life Safety, and Emergency Service through training, innovative thinking, education, and partnerships.
Core Values:
Rocky ford Fire and EMS will strive to be honest and fair in all aspects of our duties on and off duty.
Rocky Ford Fire and EMS will encourage admiration and treat those we serve in an appropriate manner.
Rocky Ford will prove its reliability and confidence through our actions as professionals.
Rocky Ford Fire and EMS will encourage building partnerships, through dedication and reliability.
Rocky Ford Fire and EMS will make every effort to maintain positive first impressions through care of equipment, obtaining trainings, and getting involved with the community.

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Staff & Volunteers


Fire Chief Ray Gonzales-EMT-I/ENGBT/ICT4T
Captain Curtis Johnson-EMT-B+/FF1/HazOps
Andy Hartless-EMT-I/FF1/HazTech/Engineer
Jesse Smith-EMT-P/Engineer

Kirsten Reeves-EMT-B+/Engineer
Van Hollis-Volunteer EMT-B/Firefighter
Bill Pattie-Volunteer EMT-B+/Firefighter
Nick Knapp-Volunteer Assistant Chief/EMT-B
Rick Weiss-1st Lieutenant Volunteer Firefighter
Tony Garcia-2nd Lieutenant Volunteer Firefighter
David Cook- Volunteer EMT-I/Volunteer Firefighter
Jeremy Muth-Volunteer EMT-I/Volunteer Firefighter
Gilbert Davis-Volunteer EMT-B/Volunteer Firefighter
Debbie Cook-Volunteer EMT-B/Volunteer Firefighter
Shana Santistevan-Volunteer EMT-B/RN/Volunteer Firefighter
Wade Kurtz-Volunteer Firefighter
Ute Bustamante-EMT-B/Volunteer Firefighter
Chelsea Muth-Volunteer Firefighter
Cody Kurtz-Volunteer Firefighter
Daniel Santistevan-Volunteer EMT-Intermediate/Volunteer Firefighter
Hannah Muth-EMT-P/Volunteer Firefighter
Jessie Wallace-Volunteer Firefighter/RN
Nate Knapp-Volunteer Firefighter

Sherry Hartless-EMT-B+/Volunteer Firefighter

Rhett Proctor-Volunteer Firefighter
Garvin Ohare-EMT-I/Volunteer Firefighter
Brandon Dickinson-Volunteer Firefighter
Josh Fief-EMT-I/Volunteer Firefighter
Cody Samuel-Volunteer Firefighter

Michael Garcia-Volunteer Firefighter/EMT-B+
Cody Kitch-Volunteer Firefighter
Andy Schweizer-Volunteer Firefighter

Adena Ross-Volunteer Firefighter EMT-B+/RN

Ashley McDaniel-Volunteer Firefighter/Dispatcher

Rocky Ford Rural Fire Protection District Board


Gary Cox-Chairman
Larry Johnson Co-Chairman
Bill Pattie- Board Member
Wade Kurtz-Secretary
Kelcie Proctor-Budget Officer

Nick Knapp Treasurer

Click Here to Download our Volunteer Application (.pdf)

Rocky Ford Rural Fire Protection District Board


Gary Cox-Chairman
Larry Johnson Co-Chairman
William Hancock Board Member
Rollie Jacquart Board Member
Bart Mendenhal-Secretary

Nick Knapp Treasurer


Fire Codes International Fire Codes 2012

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