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First Friday Art Walk September 2016

fill smith wildlife photography first friday art walk september
Jill Smith


Friday, September 2, 2016, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
408 North Main Street
Rocky Ford, CO

Photographers Jill Smith and Larry Hollar will be showing their interesting photographs of wildlife, birds and wild flowers. There is a possibility of some Ducks Unlimited Prints also. Come be impressed with their work.

Jill Smith

I am retired high school biology and chemistry teacher. For many years, I have listened to my high school science students say that they would love to move to the mountains of Colorado so they could be near all of the “cool” wildlife. All the while, I was thinking, Of COURSE, there is cool wildlife there, but there is TONS of wildlife here in the Southeastern part of the state. I decided to prove it. I’ve had a lifetime love of photography AND a love for nature. When the digital age arrived, I could finally take a TON of photos hunting for that perfect shot of an amazing bird, with no concern for the cost of developing pictures. And so it began: Long walks and even longer rides, mostly within a 100 mile radius of my hometown. I began posting the huge diversity of wildlife, from our state mammal, the Big Horn Sheep, to the tiniest of bees, on Face Book for all to see. (You can see those postings on Face Book at Nature Made Photography). Of course I soon discovered that the cost of “developing” images, was replaced with the cost of amazing technology. To offset that cost, I began doing more traditional photography. I teased my students when they asked me to do their senior pictures, that I was just using my skills on another type of wildlife… called teenagers… I have LOVED the opportunity to use my skills to capture those special moments only known to humans! I hope you will consider me for your next memorable moment. And when life gets chaotic and you need a different perspective, I hope you will browse through my wildlife images and just have a little smile….

Larry Hollar

I was born and raised in Rocky Ford. From a young age I worked at the seed business, from emptying the trash to photography to making cross pollinators. After studying vegetable culture at CSU, I returned, to eventually run the business.

My retirement gift was a digital camera. I wanted a busy retirement so I started on wildflowers. My goal was to have an artistic photography of each one that grows on our mountain property. The result was a photo essay, “one Acre, 57 Flowers.” Bees and bugs would get in the way of my flower photo, so I started shooting them on purpose. A vacation to the beach got me going on bird photography.

A fried was recently asked what he did for a week in Puerto Rico, he confessed that he went birding. “I didn’t even know there were birds before Hollar started shooting them,” he quipped.

Walking our property with friends, showing them the flowers, I heard “Wow look what you can find if you only look for it.” To introduce anyone else to some beauty that they might have overlooked gives me pleasure.