• The first Monday of each month
  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Hollar Seed
  • Open to the Public


The Rocky Ford Arts Commission is comprised of 11 members appointed by City Council. Members serve 3 year terms that expire December 31st and Student Representatives serve for 1 year.

  • Nancy Wieder (2018)
  • J.R. Thompson (2018)
  • Bob Nelson Chair (2018)
  • Mike Shima (2018)
  • Bruce Carle (2017)
  • Abby Martin (2019)
  • Andi Vigil (2019)
  • Marge Moreland (2019)
  • Francie Miller, Theater Manager Voting ex

About the Commission

The mission of the Rocky Ford Art Commission is to promote the arts within the City of Rocky Ford and surrounding areas as a means to improve the quality of life and economy of the community.