Public Works Manager, Rick Long

Phone: (719) 254-7414 ext. 105

Cell: (719) 469-2666


Public Works Administrative Assistant, Cyril Chavez

Phone: (719) 254-7414 ext. 107

To Create a Work Order, call City Hall at (719) 254-7414.

Building Maintenance

This Department maintains and repairs over 25 structures ranging in age from 1982 to 2009. The repairs are many and vary in scope from painting to HVAC repairs.

This Department is staffed by 1 full time person.

If you have questions, comments or concerns please call (719) 980-0831.


Located east of Rocky Ford. Hillcrest and Valley View Cemeteries are both in the same location outside of the town of Rocky Ford. Valley View is the east part of the cemetery and Hillcrest is the west. Headstones from the turn of the 20th Century including Western and Eastern European surnames and section on the east center devoted almost entirely to Japanese families and descendants. Access a burial survey, map and directions to the Rocky Ford Cemetery.

The Cemetery is City owned. There are constant grounds keeping duties to perform. The City is also retrofitting all watering to an automated system with monies already allotted. Employees handle all activities needed to perform a burial.

The Cemetery is staffed by 2 full time employees.

Cemetery Sexton, Steve Medrano

Assistant Cemetery Sexton, Tom Valencia

You may contact City Hall for rate sheets or any questions. Please call (719) 254-7415.

Code Enforcement Department

This Department’s purpose is to improve the safety, health and welfare of all citizens living in Rocky Ford. Rocky Ford has the authority to impose administrative fines when a code violation persists. When a notice of violation is issued to a property owner they will have a stated time to comply. If there is no cooperation within a given time frame, either abatement processes commence or fines can be imposed. If you  have any violations to report please call (719) 469-2666.

This department is staffed by one full time employee.

Here are some common items that are considered a violation.

  • Household furniture and old appliances in yards and alleys
  • Yard trash or litter, tires and construction debris visible on property. Overgrown weeds on property.
  • Dilapidated dwellings and structures. Fences in disrepair
  • Junked or inoperable vehicles. Unlicensed vehicles on streets
  • Boats or other recreational vehicles parked in front yards or on streets (must be in side or rear yards)
  • Address numbers not affixed to the structures, clearly visible from the roadway. Numbers need to be at least 4″ in height for residential properties and 6″ for commercial properties
  • Flaking paint, rotten wood, broken windows or roof damage


This Department takes care of the various Parks around town and City owned building grounds around town. The duties are many and the pace is hectic but our parks are maintained well. The Parks Staff help all other divisions of the Public Works on any needed project.

This Department is staffed by 2 full time employees.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please call (719) 469-7005.

Refuse Department

This Department is responsible for all commercial and residential refuse removal in the city. We have recently purchased a 2015 state of the art, automated side loader refuse truck. We have completed an entire City re-route and implemented curbside removal procedures. In the past we serviced most accounts with alley pickup. Alleys are narrow and some are dangerous to drive in. This new curbside pickup will cut down extensively on vehicle wear, damage and operator accidents. If you are a disabled or elderly resident that needs assistance with refuse removal, please contact (719) 469-7005 and we will make arrangements to assist you at no extra charge.

Your toter needs to be out and properly placed by 6:00 a.m. on your pick up day. If our driver calls in and you toter is not ready, your pickup will be missed and not dumped until the next week.

This Department is staffed by 1 full time employee and 1 floating Public Works employed when  needed.

Our Holiday schedule is as follows:

  • New Year’s Day – Thursday (January 1) pick up day will be Friday (January 2)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Monday (January 19) pick up day will be Tuesday (January 20)
  • President’s Day  – Monday (February 16) pick up day will be Tuesday (February 17)
  • Memorial Day – Monday (May 25) pick up day will be Tuesday (May 26)
  • Independence Day – Saturday off July 3 (July 4 will be Saturday) pick up will be Monday July 6
  • Labor Day – Monday (September 7) pick up day will be Tuesday (September 8)
  • Columbus Day – Monday (October 12) pick up day will be Tuesday (October 13)
  • Veterans Day – Wednesday (November 11) pick up day will be Thursday (November 12)
  • Thanksgiving Day – Thursday (November 26) pick up day will be Wednesday (November 25)
  • Christmas – Friday (December 25) pick up day will be Monday (December 28)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns contact (719) 469-7005.

Snow and Ice Removal

Snow and Ice removal in the City of Rocky Ford is a large task and is handled by the Public Works Department. The Department is responsible for snow and ice abatement on over 28 miles of asphalt roads, 15 plus miles of alleys, 20 plus City owned buildings and numerous bridges. Every fall the City assesses last year’s response techniques, problems and outcomes. We continually strive to improve our delivered services to our Citizens. I’m sure you noticed some major changes last year. We now try to pre-treat selected roads in advance of a storm, we also do not push snow to the middle of the street as in years past.

Public Works coordinates the long-range planning and equipment preparation for snow removal. The variety of conditions that can occur during the snow and ice season within Rocky Ford makes advanced preparation rather difficult. These conditions exist of:

  • The rate of accumulation of snow fall
  • The moisture content
  • The presence of sleet and freezing rain
  • The presence of rain before the snow
  • The temperature variations
  • The temperature of the ground
  • The wind velocity
  • The time of day or night
  • The storm duration
  • The intervals between storms

All of these factors must be determined in advance and considered when establishing protocols for snow and ice removal and we must evaluate their effectiveness in minimizing a storms impact on the community.



Click here to view more of the updated Snow Emergency Information: NEW SNOW RESPONSE 2015 (.pdf)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please call (719) 469-2666.

Streets Department

This Department’s purpose is to maintain, repari and clean roughly 30 miles of City streets. This Department is also responsible for all of the City’s alleyways and over 225 storm drains to continually clean. This Department is responsible for all street signs within the City and is also repairs potholes as needed and street maintenance is done as weather permits.

This Department has one full time employee and is staffed with other Public Works Department employees as work load allows.

If you have questions, comments or concerns please call (719) 469-7005.


Street Sweeping

The Department’s purpose is to keep our City streets clean and debris out of our sewer system. The City ha one street sweeper that is responsible. for all the streets within the City. We are scheduling the downtown business district to get blown out ans swept 2 times per week when weather allows.

The duties of this Department are handled by 1 full time street employee.

Zoning Department

This Department manages and performs engineering surveys associated with municipal construction and renovation. City Hall has Zoning Permit applications available. A Zoning Permit is required if you are seeking a Building Permit. Building Permits are required anytime construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, removal, demolition, or change in the occupancy of a building or structure occurs. A Building Permit is also required when a project entails erection, installation, enlargement, alterations, repairs, removal, conversion or replacement of any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system. The electrical and plumbing is required by the State of Colorado. Detailed Zoning Permit explanation sheets are available at City Hall free of charge.

This Department is staffed by one full time employee.

Helpful construction information:

  • International building code (IBC) 2006
  • International Residential Code (IBC) 2006
  • Snow Load – 25 psf
  • Wind – 90 MPH
  • Frost Depth – 26 inches
  • State Plumbing Board –(719) 738-1438
  • State Electrical Board/Permits are available online. Please see


Zoning Permit Application

The Mission of Rocky Ford’s Public Works Department is to continue to be an innovator in providing effective proactive service to enhance Rocky Ford’s current and future quality of life.

Our mission will be achieved by all divisions working together to deliver excellent customer service and a high standard of safety to residents, visitors and members of the community. Our primary goal is to maintain, protect and ensure the future of the City’s infrastructure while educating the Public on available services as well as supporting a variety of special projects and events. We are rebuilding Public Works from the ground up. What is required to change the status quo can only be determined if we first define what that is. We are working harder with limited resources. Every employee in the Public Works Department are Public Servant and we are here because of our Citizens. Everything Public Works does on a daily basis reflects on the Community and its effort to revitalize itself. We have the needed direction now and given time we will turn the corner and be an even better little City to live, work and play in. 

  • We value the trust the Public has placed in us and we understand and embrace our obligation to provide responsible stewardship of our infrastructure and environment
  • We value empowered employees who exhibit honesty, courtesy, dedication, professionalism, open communication, trustworthiness, respect and teamwork in all interactions with the Public, Elected Officials and City staff
  • We value the knowledge, skill and historical perspective that comes from the collaborative interaction between Department Divisions and other City Staff who have been serving the Department for many years
  • We value the Community as our partner in success
  • We value, encourage and reward efficiency and ingenuity
  • We value Public Works as an enjoyable and engaging place to work


Rick Long

Public Works Manager