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First Friday Art Show June 2, 2017

first friday art show rocky ford colorado june 2017

McPherson Family Art Show:
An eclectic collection featuring several family members!
Friday, June 2, 2017; 5:30 – 7:00 pm
IDEA Place, Rocky Ford

Charles McPherson, III (Chuck) was multi-talented. In addition to oil paintings of landscapes, birds, animals, and buildings he carved and sculpted birds and animals. As an upper level high school math, science and computer teacher he wrote programs to help students learn math skills from beginning g addition to complex algebraic equations. Magic was a life-long passion and he performed stage shows, close-up entertainment and mentalism. As well as performing, he created a wide variety of effects and routines, manufactured magical apparatus and built carrying cases which could be opened and transformed into tables from which to work. He wrote books and manuals on magic routines, which he illustrated and made DVD’s showing routines and performance suggestions.

Chuck’s father, Charles McPherson, Jr., a house painter and farmer, painted oil landscapes. Chuck’s mother, Donna McPherson, an elementary teacher, painted landscapes, animals and cartoon animals in acrylic. She also worked with pastels and did pen and ink drawings.
Sharon Marie McPherson, Chuck’s daughter, paints some in oils but especially enjoys all kinds of crafts, currently working predominately with beading as she creates and designs for jewelry, home decorations and garment enhancements.

Granddaughter Marie Marynowski, has produced many multi-media works, often based on music in some way. She also does “Cosplay” (costume play) designing entire costumes – hat, face paint, garments, shoes, accessories, etc. for such characters as Maddie Hatter, Soxy, Genos and Armin Alert. She wears some costume to school each Friday.

Marie will be present in one of her costumes; Sharon will demonstrate a few of Charles III’s magic routines; and some of his DVD’s will be shown.

first friday art rocky ford colorado rockyfordco main street art show