• 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month
  • 7:00 p.m.
  • City Council Chambers – inside City Hall

Council Members

Rocky Ford City Council is comprised of seven elected members. Council members serve staggered 4-year terms, so as half of the Council is replaced every two years. Two members are elected for and from each of the 3 wards in the City, plus one Mayor. The Mayor serves a 2-year term and can be elected for 3 consecutive terms. Terms end November 28th.

  • Rich Geist (2019), Ward I
  • Susan Jung (2019), Ward II
  • J.R. Thompson (2019), Mayor
  • Marty Lee (2019), Ward I
  • Rachel Patrick (2021), Ward II
  • Cuco Ruiz (2019), Ward III
  • Barbara Hunter (2019), Ward III

Non-Voting Support Staff

  • Steve Rabe, Interim City Manager
  • Cheryl Grasmick, City Clerk
  • Rebecca Korinek, Deputy City Clerk
  • Bart Mendenhall, City Atty

About Rocky Ford City Council

Rocky Ford City Council was established by ordinance. The Colorado State Legislature has defined two types of government for city and town councils, either statutory or home rule. Statutory cities follow a form defined by statute. Home rule cities write their own charter and define their own powers and duties. Statutory cities are described as either strong mayor or council manager. Citizens of Rocky Ford voted to have a council manager form of government where a single professional manager assumes responsibility for city departments, personnel and finances (as opposed to the strong mayor form, in which the council assumes these responsibilities). City council hires and fires the city manager, establishes policies and advises the manager. Council is responsible for granting or rescinding liquor licenses.

City of Rocky Ford Municipal Code

Click here to read the City of Rocky Ford Municipal Code.